How do I manage my photos?

Add a photo

Navigate to your profile via the menu and tap the “Upload photo/Add photo”/camera icon. You can upload a new photo from your device and take a selfie.

In order to crop or rotate your photo, hover over the top part of the photo, tap the "…" icon and select "Edit Image Preview". Don’t forget to save your changes.

When using the app, follow the prompts to crop or rotate your photos during the upload process, and then tap the tick mark to save your changes.

Web users also have the option of adding a title to their image. Open your photo, type in your title and click/tap “Save”.

Please allow time for your new photos and titles to be approved.

Change your profile photo

To change your profile photo, hover over the top part of the preferred photo to reveal the "..." menu, open it and select "Set as profile photo". 

This option will only appear if the photo has been accepted as a main profile photo.

Delete a photo

To delete a photo, hover over the top part of the photo you wish to delete, click/tap the "…" icon and select "Delete Photo". Confirm the deletion to permanently remove the photo from your gallery.